IT services in northwest arkansas

Who we are

onIT is a team of customer oriented technology professionals in Northwest Arkansas. We are techies, parents, musicians, gamers, runners, gardeners, bikers, friends and more.

Our team is passionate about helping businesses be successful through technologies.

What we do

We specialize in business IT. We are great at fixing problems but ultimately, we proactively manage technology infrastructures to minimize downtime and increase productivity. We help companies and organizations discover and implement current, effective solutions that enable them to run their businesses efficiently .

Why we do it

That’s simple. We love to serve.  We set ourselves apart by filling the gaping hole of customer service that exists in the IT world.  Our business model is built to serve you well.  Your technology success is our goal.

We firmly believe…

People Matter

A Sweet Experience

We are excited to be part of your team and help you realize your vision.  We work hard to understand your needs and to guarantee that the process of fulfilling them is as painless as possible.

Keep it Simple

Secure and productive

Technology has to be useful and accessible. One without the other makes a solution worthless. By marrying the useful and accessible, solutions become an integral part of your business that will help you grow.

Never Stop Learning

Technology always changes

We love to learn and are always interested in the next software or hardware release. Learning is what makes our job fun.  As we learn about your business and how technology can help your success, we draw from the current trends that might become your perfect tool in the long-term.

Ask More Questions

We are curious about your business

Technology can fill a need, but it can also be a hindrance.  We ask questions to understand fully what your company needs.  Solutions that we come up with will be ones that are relevant because we choose to be curious.

Finding Ultimate Solutions

Not just a band aid

We all agree that if something is broken, it needs to be fixed.  However, problems are often “solved” temporarily by fixing the problem, but ignoring the underlying issue that is causing the problem in the first place. By teaming up with us, we will work at permanently fixing the issue, not just putting a band aid on.